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My name is Graam Liu, and I have a passion for telling good stories and making people laugh. So I moved to New York City to become a writer, filmmaker, musician and community builder. I have worked on such TV programs like The Colbert Report and am currently a Steinway Educational Partner teaching piano to a vast array of dedicated piano students. 


I graduated in Film & TV from the University of Michigan and during my summers took classes at New York University to learn even more. Starting with the script, to the production budget, to directing, mixing the audio, editing the footage and composing the score. Currently, I am attending Baruch College for a M.S. in Real Estate, learning how to empower communities economically.  


With the support of my friends, the lads, I founded Laddies n'Ham Productions (not Ladies mind you). We work together to create the best entertainment on YouTube and the internet today. In my spare time I am a classical pianist who dabbles in a little jazz now and then. If you explore my website I'm sure you'll hear me tickle the ivories.  


As you look through my resume and gallery I hope you'll consider me to be a part of your Film, TV, business or development project. 


Thank You!









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