Real Estate & finance Case Studies


M.S. in Real Estate Candidate at Baruch College

Graam Liu 

"Hello and welcome! I believe that responsible real estate development can improve our communities and bring quality jobs to everyone. With that passion I am honored to add value to people's lives and to businesses with my background in creativity and quantitative analysis."


A Harvard University real estate case study about four income producing properties in Maryland and Virginia. I led the team in performing the financial model and risk analysis in excel. 


Case analysis written by: Graam Liu, Sandra Santana, Vincenzo Ferrara and Natalia Zybtseva






In this Baruch College finance extra credit case study, our team looked at the market (SPY) and five individual stocks over a five year period in order to perform a CAPM regression and analysis. I was the lead for the analysis in excel.  

Case analysis written by: Graam Liu, Frank Bradley, Hannah Godlove and Marcy Pritchard


Three-Statement Financial Model - Training The Street

In a one day workshop hosted by Training the Street, I created a three-statement financial model using Kellogg's as a case study. The model forecasts up to five years using data from three prior years including working capital, supporting schedules, equity, debt, amortization and depreciation. In addition, the course went over controlling circularity errors and troubleshooting.


Resources: Training the Street


Model and Analysis by Graam Liu