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Data Science, Real Estate, & finance  

Case Studies

Graam Liu 


M.S. in Real Estate Graduate Baruch College

"Hello and welcome! Expanding on my storytelling background in film and TV, I have utilized that passion with data science to communicate with businesses the value that can be found in the data, and how they can grow for a better future."

Creating a Retention 

Strategy Using R

What is the best way to avoid customer churn in a telecommunications company? Utilizing R and data mining techniques, correlations were uncovered and an efficient retention solution was presented.


Proposal and website presentation designed, analyzed and led by: Graam Liu 

Class: Data Mining for Business Analytics taught by Professor Shuting Wang 

Tools: R, Excel, Kaggle (IBM dataset)








235 Park Ave.jpg

Sustainable Renovation Proposal for 235 Park Ave S

Using NYC data, I found that 235 Park Ave had an Energy Star score of only an 8. So it was due for a sustainable renovation to meet city law and address rapid climate change. 


Written by: Graam Liu 

Class: Sustainable Development taught by Professor Daniel Egan









Feasibility Analysis for Sears Redevelopment 

Pre-Covid 19 feasibility analysis for the redevelopment of a Sears in Prescott, AZ.


Written by: Thea Leitman, Jennifer Lewis, Graam Liu



Executive Summary, Design Concept, Market Study, Marketability Study, Operating Pro Forma, Hurdle Rate, Leasing/Sales Plan, Marketing Plan and Exhibit C Financial Sections by: Graam Liu 

Class: Real Estate Development taught by Professor Stephen Peca










A Harvard University real estate case study about four income producing properties in Maryland and Virginia. I led the team in performing the financial model and risk analysis in excel. 


Case analysis written by: Graam Liu, Sandra Santana, Vincenzo Ferrara and Natalia Zybtseva

Financial modeling led by: Graam Liu

Class: Real Estate Finance taught by Professor Stephen Pearlman






Our team looked at the market (SPY) and five individual stocks over a five year period in order to perform a CAPM regression and analysis. I was the lead for the analysis in excel.  

Case analysis written by: Graam Liu, Frank Bradley, Hannah Godlove and Marcy Pritchard

Class: Corporate Finance taught by Professor Alessandro Castaldo


Three-Statement Financial Model - Training The Street

In a one day workshop hosted by Training the Street, I created a three-statement financial model using Kellogg's as a case study. The model forecasts up to five years using data from three prior years including working capital, supporting schedules, equity, debt, amortization and depreciation. In addition, the course went over controlling circularity errors and troubleshooting.


Workshop & Resource from: Training the Street


Model and Analysis by: Graam Liu 








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